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Here you will find a diverse selection of exclusive designs, our designs are only available at anyprint3d.

Our garden items are made from high-quality, recycled plastic that comes from the EU and are manufactured in our factory in Germany.

Give your garden a very special touch with our fascinating wind chimes.
The artfully designed creations create a relaxed atmosphere and bring life to your outdoor area.

Quality made in Germany

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  • Our lighthouses are not only visual highlights, but also provide atmospheric lighting. With their authentic design, they fit harmoniously into your garden design and create a maritime atmosphere.
  • For outdoor art lovers, we offer a selection of impressive garden sculptures. These masterfully designed pieces add a special aesthetic touch to any garden and are guaranteed to turn heads.
  • Our planters are not only functional but also stylish. Made from recycled plastic, they offer a sustainable solution for your plants. With their modern look and durability, they are the perfect addition to your garden.
  • Let your outdoor area come to life with our water features. Whether bubbling fountains or gentle streams, these products create a calming and refreshing atmosphere and transform your garden into an oasis of relaxation.

At anyprint3d you will also find many other fascinating products for your garden, all of which offer the same quality, sustainability and exclusivity. Dive into our first-class selection and discover how you can transform your garden into a dreamy green oasis.

Our exclusive designs are absolutely unique and only available from us. They embody our attention to detail and our vision to make your garden an extraordinary place.

Bring your personal touch to your garden and be inspired by our exclusive designs. Discover the variety of our products, all aimed at transforming your garden into an impressive and welcoming environment.