anyprint 3d - that's how sustainable we produce

As a company, it is important to us to take responsibility for the environment and nature.

At anyprint3d, we are committed to taking action to protect our environment and act sustainably.

We are taking these concrete steps to protect the environment:


Printing with green electricity

At anyprint3d we attach great importance to the use of renewable energy. 
Our printers run on green electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar power. 
By using green electricity, we can reduce our CO2 emissions and thus make a contribution to climate protection.

Printers from the EU

All our printers are produced in the EU. This guarantees excellent quality and fast procurement of spare parts. 
Short distances and excellent quality are important to us.


Use of used boxes

At anyprint3d, we try to minimize our environmental footprint by using post-consumer cardboard for our packaging whenever possible.
In this way, we not only reduce the use of new resources, but also the energy required to produce new cartons.

Return of leftovers for recycling

When processing plastics, residues such as PLA and PETG are left over. 
Instead of discarding these leftovers, we give them back for recycling. In this way, we can help reduce plastic waste and promote more sustainable use of resources.




Avoid unnecessary flyers

In order to protect our environment, we at anyprint3d do without unnecessary flyers and work almost paperless.
In this way we can minimize paper consumption and thus reduce the use of resources and energy.

Invoices by email only

Another measure we at anyprint3d take to protect our environment is the use of electronic invoices.
We only send our invoices by email to minimize paper consumption and thus reduce the use of resources and energy.


At anyprint3d we are actively committed to protecting the environment and acting sustainably. By using green electricity, using used cardboard boxes, returning leftovers for recycling, dispensing with unnecessary flyers and using electronic bills, we make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. We hope that we can encourage other companies to take similar measures and thus make a positive contribution to protecting our environment together.