our materials

Our company philosophy is to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.
That's why most of our products are made from recycled materials.
At the moment we use rPLA, rPETG and TPU for our prints.
But what are the differences between these materials?

PLA and PETG belong to the group of polyesters and are both thermoplastics.
Thermoplastics soften at a certain temperature and solidify again as they cool.
This process can theoretically be repeated as often as you like, so the two materials are ideal for recycling.

PETG and PLA differ in their physical strength. This is higher with PETG than with PLA.
The two are also different temperature resistant.

  • PETG is generally temperature-resistant up to 75 degrees Celsius
  • PLA is generally temperature-resistant up to 55 degrees Celsius
  • PETG is more weather resistant than PLA
  • PLA is easier and more accurate to print
  • PLA prints have a nicer aesthetic and surface
TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane that can be deformed without chemical changes.
It is rubbery and elastic.
  • TPU is very temperature resistant
  • TPU is weatherproof and also resistant to chemicals.
  • TPU is not sustainable and not as environmentally friendly as PLA or PETG
  • TPU is expensive and difficult to print