is recycling really sustainable?

  • Sustainability and environmental protection have become important issues in recent years, and many businesses and consumers are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • One area where this is particularly important is the production of plastics. One way to do this is by using recycled plastic, specifically PETG and PLA.


PETG and PLA are two types of plastics that are commonly used in the 3D printing industry


PETG (Polyethylenterephthalatglykol) 
is a thermoplastic made from petroleum and is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world.

PLA (Polymilchsäure) 
is made from renewable raw materials such as corn starch and is biodegradable. Both plastics can be recycled, with the recycled material often being collected and recycled in the form of bottles, cups and other packaging.

There are some concerns about the sustainability of recycled plastics, particularly where the material comes from.

To ensure recycled plastics are sustainable, it is important to us that we source them from trusted sources. We source our recycled PETG and PLA from the European Union, where strict environmental and quality standards apply.

Industrial and recycling waste are the main sources of recycled plastics. 

By recycling and reusing this waste, we can reduce plastic consumption and reduce our environmental impact. 

By purchasing EU recycled PETG and PLA, we as a company and you as a consumer can be assured that you are buying sustainable products that come from trusted sources.

Overall, the use of recycled plastic is an important step towards sustainability and environmental protection. 

By sourcing recycled PETG and PLA from the EU and ensuring it's made from industrial and recycled waste, we can help reduce our environmental impact and create a sustainable future.