Nest Boxes & Bird Houses

As nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, our goal is to provide animals in our gardens and parks with a home.

Our birdhouses are the perfect solution.

All birdhouses are designed by us and made in Germany from high-quality recycled plastic.
The nesting aids provide a safe and comfortable accommodation for various bird species.
Each birdhouse is carefully designed to meet the needs of the birds and to provide them with a comfortable environment for incubation and raising their young.
With a variety of sizes and designs, we offer the right birdhouse for every taste and need.
Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, we have the right model for you.
Our birdhouses offer not only the birds, but also you as a nature lover, a great opportunity to observe and enjoy the fascinating bird world.
Place a birdhouse in your garden or on your balcony and watch how the birds use their new eco-friendly home.

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Providing bird boxes for our native birds is active nature conservation

Artificial nesting aids are useful because the birds lack natural hollows, rotten trees, or nesting sites on buildings.
In winter, bird boxes are even life-savers. Birds such as blue tits, but also squirrels, nuthatches and butterfly treasures, appreciate a warm place to sleep.
Parasites also spread much more in old nests than in a cleaned bird box. By March at the latest, you should hang up the bird boxes for the birds.
All further information can be found here ►

A bird feeder makes sense not only in winter

At the latest in the autumn, one should start offering food to the birds.Bird boxes enliven our nature

Hanging Nest Boxes

  • Please hang the nest boxes at a height of two to three meters.
  • The entrance hole should not face the weather side (West).
  • Do not expose the nest box to direct sunlight (South).
  • Wire loops or cable ties are suitable as fixing materials.
  • Please hang the nest box horizontally to prevent water from entering.
  • Hang nest boxes of the same construction and target bird species at a distance of 10 meters.
  • Hang nest aids for different species with a distance of 3 meters.

In winter, our feathered friends need our helphe nuthatch is happy to have something to eat

Providing food and a place to stay overnight, like our bird boxes, helps our animals survive the winter.

Cleaning birdhouses

  • Birdhouses should be cleaned after the breeding season to create new space and reduce the burden of fleas, mites or lice.
  • Cleaning should be done in late summer or only at the end of February. If it cannot be excluded that animals such as dormice or other animals are still overwintering in the birdhouse or birds have already started the new breeding season, it is better to postpone the cleaning until the next late summer.
  • Wearing gloves is better and do not bring the nesting material into the house, as bird fleas and other pests can jump onto humans.
  • Removing the old nest and brushing the box if it is more heavily soiled is enough.
  • Avoid checks during the breeding season to avoid disturbing the breeding and rearing of young birds.
  • Avoid insect sprays or chemical cleaning agents