Pet supplies

Everything for animals and nature - sustainable pet supplies products and accessories   Our product range grows weekly with new pet supplies

At anyprint3d you will find a growing selection of sustainable and animal-friendly products designed by our experts and made from recycled plastics such as rPETG and rPLA.

We offer you a wide range of products made specifically for your pets or wildlife in nature.

Protecting our environment is our top priority.

  • Dog Tags - Dog tags in different shapes and colors, perfect for quickly identifying your pet in the event of loss.
  • Birdhouses and nesting boxes - our birdhouses and nesting boxes are available in different sizes and shapes and can accommodate a variety of bird species.
  • Bat caves - provide a protected space for bats and help conserve these valuable animals.
  • Insect hotels - provide a home for a variety of insects and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

We attach great importance to protecting our environment and are actively committed to using recycled material in the production of our pet supplies products.
So you can be sure that you are not only supporting the animals, but also making a contribution to protecting our environment.


Golden eagle window decoration

With our bird silhouettes you not only protect birds from collisions with windows, but also your own home from damage caused by collisions.

In addition, by using our products you can make a valuable contribution to environmental protection and maintain the ecological balance in your environment.

[Protects birds from deadly windows]: Our bird silhouettes are a simple and effective way to protect birds from deadly windows.

  • [Easy to attach]: The silhouettes are easy to attach and can be removed at any time without leaving a trace, thanks to the suction cup they can be attached to any smooth surface.
  • [Decorative and meaningful]: Our bird silhouettes are not only functional but also decorative and will brighten up any room or building.
  • [Versatile uses]: Whether in city apartments, houses, companies, schools, kindergartens or public buildings - our bird silhouettes are suitable for every area of ​​use.
  • [Scope of delivery]: Included in delivery is a bird silhouette in the shape of a golden eagle in the color selected when ordering.
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7,95 EUR per Stk.
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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As nature lovers and animal lovers, we have set ourselves the goal of offering the animals in our gardens and parks a home.

Our nesting boxes are the perfect solution for this.

All nesting boxes are designed by us and made in Germany from high-quality recycled plastic manufactured.
The nesting aids provide safe and comfortable accommodation for various species of birds.
Each nesting box is carefully designed to meet the birds' needs and provide them with a comfortable environment to breed and raise their young.
With a variety of sizes and designs, we offer the right nesting box for every taste and every need.
Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, we have the right model for you.
Not only for the birds, but also for you as a nature lover, our nesting boxes offer a great opportunity to observe and enjoy the fascinating bird world.
Place a nesting box in your garden or on your balcony and watch the birds use their new eco-friendly home.

environmentally friendly nesting box

You can find all further information here ►

Providing nesting boxes for our local birds is active nature conservation

Artificial nesting aids make sense because the birds lack natural caves, rotten trees or breeding niches on buildings.
In winter, nesting boxes are even lifesavers. Birds such as tits, but also squirrels, nuthatches and butterflies value a warm place to sleep.
Parasites are also transmitted significantly more in old nests than in a cleaned nest box. You should hang up the nesting boxes for the birds by March at the latest.

A bird feeder doesn't just make sense in winter

You should start offering the birds food at the beginning of autumn at the latest.

Nist boxes enliven our nature

Attach nesting boxes

  • Please hang the nesting boxes at a height of two to three meters
  • The entry hole should not face the weather side (west)
  • Please do not expose the nesting box to the blazing sun (south)
  • Wire hangers or cable ties are suitable as fastening materials
  • Please hang the nesting box horizontally so that no water can get in.
  • Hang nesting boxes of the same construction and target bird species 10 meters apart
  • Hang nesting aids for different species at a distance of 3 meters

Clean nesting boxes

  • Nest boxes should be cleaned after the breeding season to create new space and reduce exposure to fleas, mites or louse flies.
  • The cleaning should be carried out in late summer or again at the end of February. If it cannot be ruled out that, for example, dormouse or other animals are still overwintering in the nesting box or that birds have already started the new breeding season, it is better to leave the cleaning for a year until the next time ;suspend tsummer.
  • It is better to wear gloves and do not take the nesting material into your home, as bird fleas and other creatures can jump to people.
  • It is sufficient to remove the old nest and brush out the box if it becomes more dirty.
  • You should avoid inspections during the breeding season in order not to disturb the breeding and rearing of the young birds.
  • Do not use insect sprays or chemical cleaning agents.