Soap dishes, sustainably manufactured, thoughtfully designed

Tired of boring and unsightly soap dishes in the bathroom? Then our 3D printed soap dishes are just right for you! Our bowls are made from recycled plastic such as PET bottles and offer a unique look. Here are 5 reasons why you won't want any other bowl:

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  • Sustainable and environmentally conscious - with every soap dish you contribute to the protection of our environment
  • Durable and sturdy - our bowls are strong and last a long time
  • Easy to clean - our bowls are easy to clean and maintain
  • Diverse design options - choose from a variety of designs and colors
  • Perfect gift - Surprise friends and family with a special gift

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Our mission is to promote a sustainable future while offering high quality and unique products. With our 3D printed soap dishes you not only do something for your bathroom, but also for the environment. Convince yourself of the quality and design of our soap dishes. Here you will find a large selection of different designs and colors that will enhance your bathroom.

Our bowls are not only an eye-catcher in the bathroom, but also a practical solution. With the 3D printing technology, we have achieved a high level of precision and accuracy during production, which ensures a long service life.

With your purchase you not only support us, but also the environment. We are committed to a sustainable future and want to make a contribution with our products.

The soap dish - perfect and stylish storage for your soap.

  • At anyprint3d you will find a constantly growing selection of exclusive, sustainably manufactured soap dishes.
  • You can order each soap dish and soap dish in the color that suits you and your furnishing style.
  • Your soap lies hygienically and dry in each of our soap dishes on a removable drip tray.
  • Good for you and our environment - each soap dish is made from recycled PET bottles.


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Bio Seife mit Olivenöl

Your soap holder for the bathroom.

Most often, the soap dish is placed directly on the sink in the form of a bowl and is made of ceramic, marble, bamboo, Olive wood, stainless steel. Our holders for your bathroom are made of plastic that has been recycled and is now given a second life. Most soap dishes are grey, white, black and always in the typical soap dish shape. Soap holders are beautiful and practical bathroom accessories. We make each soap dish in the color you choose.

To stand or to mount on the wall

You can get soap dishes from us for standing or for wall mounting. Our soap holders are also space-saving and practical in the shower. Our wall mounting system is consistent. You don't necessarily have to drill holes for wall mounting. There are now very good, waterproof and removable adhesive strips that you can use with our holder.


Organic soap versus liquid soap

all you need to know

In recent years, awareness of sustainability and environmental friendliness has increased significantly. More and more people are looking for ways to make their daily habits more environmentally friendly. One way to do this is to switch from plastic-packaged liquid soap to solid organic soap. In this article we will explain the advantages of solid organic soap compared to liquid soap in plastic packaging.

environmental friendliness

Solid Organic Soap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-packaged liquid soap. Plastic packaging is a major environmental problem. They pollute the oceans, harm wildlife and contribute to climate change. By switching to solid organic soap, you reduce plastic waste and help protect the environment.

Natural ingredients

Organic bar soap contains natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin than the chemicals found in many liquid soaps. Organic soaps are made from vegetable oils and natural ingredients and are often hypoallergenic and free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives.


Solid organic soap tends to last longer than liquid soap in plastic packaging. A bar of solid organic soap lasts longer than a bottle of liquid soap because it doesn't spill as easily and is easier to dose. There is also no need to constantly buy new bottles, which saves money and reduces the ecological footprint.

travel friendliness

Solid organic soap is also very travel friendly. Since it's not a liquid product, it's easy to transport in a small container or soap box. In contrast, liquid soaps in plastic packaging must be transported in a special leak-proof container, which can be inconvenient.


Solid organic soap can also be used for a variety of purposes including as a shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser and hand wash. In contrast, liquid soaps in plastic packaging are often specialized products that can only be used for a specific purpose. In summary, organic solid soap is an eco-friendly, natural and versatile alternative to plastic-packaged liquid soap. By switching to organic bar soap, you can reduce your environmental footprint while creating a healthier skincare routine.